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The Odyssey

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122 Minutes


Summer, 1946. The Cousteau family, Jacques, his wife Simone and their two children Philippe and Jean-Michel, live in their beautiful house by the Mediterranean Sea. By day they dive, by night they watch the stars. It's paradise on earth. But Jacques is never content. He hungers for the adventure of the undersea world, and believes in the virtues of progress. With his invention, the aqualung, his recently acquired vessel, the Calypso, and a crew of free-spirited adventurers led by his wife, Simone, Jacques is ready to cross the world's oceans. Ten years later, back from the boarding school, Philippe finds his father greatly altered as an international celebrity. Jacques cannot see it yet, but Philippe already understands that progress and pollution have begun to lay waste to the submarine world. Yet father and son's voyage to Antarctica may be their greatest adventure yet.


Adam Neill
Audrey Tautou
Benjamin Lavernhe
Daniele Tripepi
Danijela Vukovic
Donnet Dumas
Gérard Watkins
Jean Teplitsky
Katie Farringer
Kevin Otto
Lambert Wilson
Laurent Lucas
Marius Du Plooy
Martin Loizillon
Michael Bundred
Michael Kirch
Morné Visser
Morne Visser
Olga Du Toit
Olivier Galfione
Paul Snodgrass
Pierre Niney
Rafaël De Ferran
Richard Antrobus
Roger Van Hool
Stephen Jennings
Sue Dall
Thibault De Montalembert
Tinarie Van Wyk-Loots
Vincent Heneine



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