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La Brújula La Lleva el Muerto

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111 Minutes


A Mexican boy bound for Chicago tries to cross the border, but is the crowded wagon he rides in going the right way? An offbeat, allegorical odyssey that blends absurd humor with pastoral imagery. A young man and a dead man journey north through a subtly surreal desert landscape, picking up a wagonful of odd characters as they go in this darkly humorous satire of contemporary Mexico.


Agustín Tapia
Alex Barceló
Ana Ofelia Murguía
Bertha González
Eligio Meléndez
Eulalio Nava
Francisco Barrios
Gael Sánchez Valle
Hansel Ramírez
Horacio Garcia Rojas
Luis Bayardo
Marco Pérez
Pedro Gamez
Vicky De Fuentes



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