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48 Christmas Wishes

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84 Minutes


After accidentally destroying a bag of Christmas wishes from a small town on the eve of Christmas Eve, two junior elves learn that if even one wish goes unfulfilled, Christmas could be extinguished forever.  For the first time in their lives, the elves Mindy and Cam venture out of the North Pole and sneak into Minnedoza to collect the lost wishes. Along the way they enlist the help of young Blake whose family has a difficult time celebrating Christmas since his father died.   With their deadline fast approaching, Mindy and Cam have only one more wish to find…but whose could it be?  It's up to Mindy and Cam to find out and save Christmas!


Adam Crew
Clara Kushnir
Ethan Yang
Liam Macdonald
Madeline Leon
Matt Schichter
Maya Franzoi



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