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A Golden Christmas 3

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90 Minutes


Heather is a charming free spirit whose self-absorbed fiancé Roger never seems to hear a word that comes out of her mouth. Bobby is a naval officer who comes home from serving overseas, looking to start a new chapter in his life. Both Heather and Bobby long to meet someone who makes them feel like they are at home in this world, but they are starting to doubt that person exists. Thanks to two Golden Retrievers, Bobby's spirited eleven-year-old niece Myra, and a fun-filled theatre production of 'A Christmas Carol,' these two unlucky and unlikely people end up falling in love at Christmas. But can they overcome the issues of their past and present in order to build a future together?


Alex Peters
Alexandra Peters
Janiece Jary
Mark Famiglietti
Matt Corboy
Maxim Knight
Nikki Deloach
Orson Bean
Peter Holden
Rob Mayes
Shantel Vansanten
Timothy Oman



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