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Anabolic Life

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87 Minutes


Anabolic Life is about a young man who desperately struggles with his own body-image. Regardless of his steady job, beautiful fiance, and new home, Adam hates what he sees in the mirror. Battling demons and delusions, his emotional and psychological struggle continues on a downward spiral. He decides that building muscle is his only solution. After researching quick muscle-building tips, Adam stumbles across how to make and use Fina. Next thing you know, he's shooting home-made steroids. Then he develops a needle-related infection and ends up in the hospital. Unfortunately, almost losing his life doesn't end his amateur steroid use. Instead, he encounters a dealer at the gym who takes him under his wing. Adam proceeds down a twisted path of self-destruction and is about to lose everything, including himself. But. . . will he come to terms with his illness? Will he have the strength to fight back?


Adam Dunnells
Christopher Rich
Daniel Baldwin
David Gironda Jr.
Jeneta St. Clair
Juston Street
Kali Muscle
Kim Kold
Lou Ferrigno Jr.
Lovlee Carroll
Noel Gugliemi
P.J. Marshall
Peter Holden
Sarah Baldwin
Sharon Lawrence
Sophie Simmons



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