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Victoria and Abdul

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112 Minutes


Oscar®-winner Judi Dench stars as Queen Victoria in this incredible true story of the unlikely friendship between the renowned British monarch and a young Indian clerk. The film recounts Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebration, during which the venerable Queen befriends Abdul Karim, a young man visiting from India. Despite objections from the Queen's family and advisors, Abdul becomes one of the Queen's most trusted attendants. Their close friendship offers the Queen a fresh perspective on the world after more than 50 years on the throne. Directed by Oscar®-nominee Stephen Frears ("The Queen") from a screenplay by Oscar®-nominee Lee Hall ("Billy Elliot"), the film is based on Shrabani Basu's book "Victoria & Abdul: The True Story of the Queen's Closest Confidant."


Adeel Akhtar
Ali Fazal
Andrei Csolsim
Ashley Hudson
Benjamin Haigh
Benjamin Murrell
Christopher Mcmullen
Cliff Dutton
Daniel Trevenna
Deano Bugatti
Eddie Izzard
Fenella Woolgar
Glyn Angell
Grant Crookes
James Thomas Scott
Jonathan Harden
Judi Dench
Julian Wadham
Lasco Atkins
Lois Temel
Marek Hollands
Martin Mcgilligan
Martyn Mayger
Michael Gambon
Nicolas Savidis-Macris
Nigel Black
Olivia Williams
Paul Higgins
Paul Redfern
Penny Ryder
Rita Mcdonald Damper
Robin Soans
Ruth Mccabe
Shaun Newnham
Simon Callow
Simon Craddock
Sophie Trott
Sukh Ojla
Tim Bristow
Tim Pigott-Smith
Will Christopherson



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