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Black List

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86 Minutes


A prostitute puts her life on the line when during a trial she threatens to make public the list of her most well-known clients: respected lawyers, honorable judges and even a government minister. The trial judge receives death threaths, a brutal murder is committed and Gabrielle, the prostitute is attacked. Two detectives gather up evidence, but they receive orders to shut down their investigation. Gauthier, one of the detectives, decides to carry on with the investigation helped by Gabrielle. They will come up against the full strenght of the state's administration and learn the hard way that it treats harshly those who confront it.


André Champagne
Andrée Champagne
Bernadette Li
Cassandre Fournier
Claudia Besso
David Rigby
Étienne De Passillé
Geneviève Brouillette
Ghislain Sicotte
Janique Pierre-Antoine
Louis-Georges Girard
Lucie Laurier
Marie-Claude Langlois
Marie-Josée D'Amours
Marie-Renée Patry
Michel Côté
Pascal Montpetit
Raymond Cloutier
Serge Houde
Sylvie Bourque
Yves Allaire
Yves Lever
Yvette Thuot



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