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Love Of My Life (2017)

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105 Minutes


After a stormy first marriage, to a cheating husband who left her for another woman, Grace (Anna Chancellor: The Hour, Four Weddings and a Funeral) built the perfect life: a solid second marriage to Tom, a good and faithful man, (James Fleet: The Vicar of Dibley), two well-adjusted and successful daughters and a dream career as a Toronto architect. So when she finds out that she has a potentially fatal brain tumour she accepts her impending demise and the way she lives her life, graciously and without fuss. At least she knows that she has no regrets. That is, until her still-tempting first husband, Richard (John Hannah: Sliding Doors, Four Weddings and a Funeral), an award-winning novelist who wrote a tell-all bestseller about their marriage, arrives in the middle of the night, vowing to win her back before she dies. Things get even more complicated when the outrageous woman, Tamara, (Hermione Norris: Cold Feet) who stole her first husband, appears, determined to stop Grace from having a final fling with the brilliant novelist they both loved. But Grace doesn't want a final fling - except maybe with her married co-worker, Ben (Greg Wise: The Crown). So who is the love of her life? In what might be the last few days of her life, Grace finds her orderly existence filled with questions, temptations, comedy and chaos. All of which may be just what she needs, to bring her back to life before it's too late.


Anna Chancellor
Greg Wise
Hermione Norris
James Fleet
John Hannah



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