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Ghosts of Mississippi

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130 Minutes


Oscar-nominated drama with Academy Award-nominee Alec Baldwin ("The Cooler," "The Royal Tenenbaums") as an assistant DA seeking justice for the 1963 murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Co-starring Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg ("Sister Act," "Ghost") as the slain leader's wife, Oscar-nominee and Emmy-winner James Woods ("Any Given Sunday," "The Virgin Suicides") as his killer, and Diane Ladd ("28 Days," "Primary Colors"), Oscar-nominee William H. Macy ("Jurassic Park III," "State and Main"), Craig T. Nelson ("The Devil's Advocate," TV's "Coach") and Michael O'Keefe ("The Pledge," TV's "Roseanne"). Woods received an Academy Award nomination for his powerfully chilling performance as Byron De La Beckwith.


Alec Baldwin
Alexa Vega
Craig T. Nelson
Darrell Evers
James Woods
Joseph Tello
Lucas Black
Susanna Thompson
Terry O'Quinn
Virginia Madsen
Whoopi Goldberg
William H. Macy



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