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The Dark Tower

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95 Minutes


Based on the best-selling book series by highly-acclaimed author Stephen King, in the parallel realm of Mid-World, the once-respected Gunslinger Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), has abandoned his ancient oath to protect the Tower that is being threatened by the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) who seeks to destroy it and life across the universe. In New York City, teenager Jake has recurring visions that signal the end of the universe and when he stumbles upon a hidden portal he travels to Mid-World, meets Roland and the two must embark on an adventure to find the Man in Black and save the Tower.


Abbey Lee
Adison Eisenberg
Alex Mcgregor
Alfredo Narciso
Andre Robinson
Andrew Laubscher
Ben Gavin
Charlize Churcher
Christiaan Schoombie
Christopher Stein
Claudia Kim
Dan Hirst
De-Wet Nagel
Dennis Haysbert
Ella Gabriel
Emily Child
Eva Kaminsky
Fran Kranz
Idris Elba
Inge Beckmann
Jabari Gray
Jackie Earle Haley
Jake Greenlee
Joe Vaz
José Zúñiga
Karl Thaning
Katheryn Winnick
Keci Eatock
Kenneth Fok
Lara Adine Lipschitz
Larry Nuñez
Leeanda Reddy
Lemogang Tsipa
Mark Elderkin
Mary Twala
Matthew Mcconaughey
Matthew Thomson
Michael Barbieri
Michael Basile
Naomi Poremba
Nicholas Hamilton
Nicholas Pauling
Paul Riley Fox
Reon Van Der Watt
Richard Lothian
Robert Whitehead
Sara Cicilian
Sarah Potter
Savana Tardieu
Tom Taylor
Victoria Nowak
Warren Masemola
Zak Rowlands
Zanne Solomon



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