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Chee and T

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80 Minutes


Chee and T, a pair of underachieving debt collectors stuck in Silicon Valley, spend their days kicking in doors, collecting rent, and chain smoking. The man-children survive by remaining in the employ of Chee's Uncle Rob, a wealthy Silicon Valley landlord-tycoon. When Uncle Rob asks them to do a seemingly small job: get his nephew Mayunk a fresh haircut and new suit for his upcoming engagement party, Chee and T kick back thinking they're in for the easiest job of their 'careers.' Unfortunately for the duo, young Mayunk has an unfiltered swagger and talent for hunting down narcotics. It turns out that handling their hyperactive, drug-crazed little cousin proves to be anything but simple.


Asif Ali
Asif Ali
Bernard White
Dominic Rains
Karan Soni
Lynn Chen
Noureen Dewulf
Rebecca Hazlewood
Scott Rodgers
Sunkrish Bala
Vishesh Chachra



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