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The Hippopotamus

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86 Minutes


Fired from his job as a theatre critic, Ted Wallace jumps on the opportunity to lay low for a while at his friends' country manor. A series of unexplained miracle healings have recently occurred and Ted tracks down the perpetrator of the phenomena, horny teenager David Logan whose parents believe has healing hands.


A.K. Steppa
Adam Lezemore
Adrian Klein
Adrian Klein
Andrew Alexander
Benedict Taylor
Bruno Enrique
Claire Ashton
Daniel Eghan
Dean Ridge
Deborah Rock
Emily Berrington
Emma Curtis
Emma Curtis
Emma Curtis
Emma West
Fiona Shaw
Geraldine Somerville
Issy Van Randwyck
Jade Clarke
Jo Wheatley
John Standing
Matthew Modine
Mick Slaney
Paul Bown
Richard Glover
Rod Glenn
Roger Allam
Ruth Shaw
Scott Chambers
Sebastian Croft
Solomon Taiwo Justified
Thaila Zucchi
Tim Charles
Tim Mcinnerny
Timothy Charles
Tommy Knight



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