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A Countess from Hong Kong

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120 Minutes


Leaving Hong Kong after a stopover, an American diplomat (Marlon Brando) discovers a stowaway in his stateroom -- the Countess Natascha Alexandra (Sophia Loren), whose family has fled from Russia. Fearful of losing his job, he tries to keep his new roommate hidden while they both try -- unsuccessfully -- to keep from falling in love. Countess of Hong Kong was director Charlie Chaplin's last film (and the first since 1923 in which he didn't star).


Angela Scoular
Anthony Chinn
Arthur Gross
Bill Edwards
Bill Nagy
Burnell Tucker
Carol Cleveland
Cecil Cheng
Charles Chaplin
Dilys Laye
Drew Russell
Geraldine Chaplin
John Paul
John Sterland
Josephine Chaplin
Kevin Manser
Larry Cross
Len Lowe
Leonard Trolley
Lew Luton
Margaret Rutherford
Marianne Stone
Marlon Brando
Michael Medwin
Michael Spice
Oliver Johnston
Patrick Cargill
Paul Carson
Paul Tamarin
Ray Barlow
Ronald Rubin
Sophia Loren
Sydney Chaplin
Tippi Hedren
Victoria Chaplin



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