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You Can Never Really Know Someone

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13 Minutes


Witness a day in the life of Gretchen (Sarah Silverman), a troubled woman on a quest for love, and the adventures she embarks on throughout her journey. As she tries to audition for an acting role, meets a new animal companion and accidentally crashes a male-only Bible study group, Gretchen grapples with the reality of discovering love in odd places. Michael Sheen co-stars as someone she encounters along the way.


Alex Warren
Alice Itzigsohn
Christine Adams
Daniel Edward Mora
Harvey J. Alperin
Jonny Fritz
Kate Shelton
Lawrence Mandley
Maria Blasucci
Michael Sheen
Murphy Patrick Martin
Samuel Kroll
Sarah Silverman
Thom Shelton
William Stanford Davis
Yannis Bariamis
Zach Steel



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