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Week-End at the Waldorf

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130 Minutes


Anything can happen during a weekend at New York's Waldorf-Astoria: a glamorous movie star meets a world-weary war correspondent and mistakes him for a jewel thief; a soldier learns that without an operation he'll die and so looks for one last romance with a beautiful but ambitious stenographer; a cub reporter tries to get the goods on a shady man's dealing with a foreign potentate. And it all happens in the opulent, grandiose New York landmark hotel as a sort of tongue-in-cheek take-off on the classic movie Grand Hotel.


Bess Flowers
Bob Graham
Byron Foulger
Charles C. Wilson
Cora Sue Collins
Edward Arnold
Frank Puglia
George Sherwood
George Zucco
Ginger Rogers
Irving Bacon
Jacqueline Dewit
John Wengraf
Keenan Wynn
Lana Turner
Leon Ames
Lina Romay
Michael Kirby
Miles Mander
Moroni Olsen
Nana Bryant
Phyllis Thaxter
Porter Hall
Robert Benchley
Rosemary Decamp
Samuel S. Hinds
Van Johnson
Walter Pidgeon
Warner Anderson
William Halligan
Xavier Cugat



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