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Beach Babes from Beyond

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75 Minutes


An intergalactic babe borrows her dad's T-bird ship to do a little planet hopping with her two friends, but they run out of fuel unexpectedly, and must land on earth. They land on the California coast and run into some guys, where they have fun and a few close encounters at the beach. One of the guys' Uncle Bud, who just wants to meditate and hang out, is being threatened with condemnation of his beach house unless he puts some money into repairs. The alien babes offer to enter the bikini contest with their way-out designs to try and win the money he needs, but they are hampered by the garment designer who will stop at nothing to win.


Albert Andrukaitis
Albert Mitchell
Angela Cornell
Burt Ward
C.C. Costigan
Don Swayze
Elise Muller
Jackie Stallone
Joe Estevez
Joey Travolta
Ken Steadman
Lenny Rose
Linnea Quigley
Michael Todd Davis
Michael Vavrin
Nicole Posey
Nikki Fritz
Sarah Bellomo
Tamara Landry



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