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Black Butterfly

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93 Minutes


Antonio Banderas (DESPERADO), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III), and Piper Perabo (THE PRESTIGE) highlight this riveting adaptation of an acclaimed French thriller. As a serial killer's latest slaying shakes up a remote Colorado town, desperate writer Paul (Banderas) offers drifter Jack (Meyers) shelter at his isolated cabin. Does Jack's violent behavior make him a suspect in the murders menacing the area? Or is the killer's story even more terrifying?


Abel Ferrara
Alexandra Klim
Antonio Banderas
Cherish Gaines
Craig Peritz
Cristina Moglia
Esosa Idahosa
Gioia Libardoni
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Katie Mcgovern
Nathalie Rapti Gomez
Nicholas Aaron
Piper Perabo
Randall Paul
Timothy Martin
Tracy Green
Vincent Riotta



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