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82 Minutes


Lola Kirke (MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, MISTRESS AMERICA) shines as Joey, an aimless high school graduate searching for a way out of Pennsylvania coal country. A visit to an Army recruiting office appears to provide a path. However, a chance encounter with magnetic Rayna (UNREAL's Breeda Wool), a slyly seductive housewife and mother neglected by her long-haul trucker husband, changes Joey's trajectory irrevocably. As Joey falls more in love with Rayna, clouded judgment leads her down a path she can't turn back from. With powerful performances from Kirke and Wool, director Deb Shoval's feature film debut is a splendid and brooding meditation on the boundless possibilities of first love constricted by the trials of rural poverty.


Adam Nortfors
Alyx Weiss
Amanda K. Somma
Amy Trynoski
Bekah Saidman-Krauss
Bill Sage
Breeda Wool
Britne Oldford
Caitlin Hill
Camille Cirurgiao
Carmen Bolin
Cedar Landsman
Celia Au
Charlotte Maltby
Chloe Levine
Chloe Piazza
Chris Turcotte
Dale Soules
David Koral
Dawn Santoriello
Egypt Hemby
Elisabeth Weaver
Erik Hussa-Lietz
Erin Weaver
Ezra Nepon
Francesco Danza
Gwen Galasso
Hannah Dillon
Ian Heath
Ina Lubin
Irit Reinheimer
Janani Shankar
Judd Shoval
Katie Kelly
Katie Kelly
Krystian Bienkowski
Kyle Monaghan
Laura Marie Thomson
Leah Kreitz
Leslie Healey
Libby George
Lily Williams
Lola Kirke
Lorraine Sokolowski
Madeline Hindmarsh
Mandy Kolensky
Marina Hernandez
Megan Ellersick
Micael Navarro Lopez
Michael Rittenberg
Mike Hurwitz
Mike Munkatchy
Morgan Mihal
Naomi Marie Pandolfi
Nicole Dillon
Nicole Lopez-Isa
Pat Parks
Paul Hosey
Quehanna Spacht Weaver
Ray Young
Rick Zahn
Ronne Kurlancheek
Rose Holcomb
Roxanne Stutzman
Roy Brown
Sadie Butler
Scott Nadler
Seana Warman
Sheldon Lubin
Sue Yurchak
Susan Shoval
Ted Welch
Thomasin Thomo
Virginia Davis
Wesley Parks



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