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The Golden Arrow

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68 Minutes


A cafeteria cashier is hired by a cosmetic firm's publicity agent to live the life of Daisy Appleby, heiress to a fortune. Gossip about her will keep the Appleby name in the forefront. She proposes a marriage of convenience to reporter Johnny Jones (she can avoid fortune hunters, on her wealth he can write his novel). Johnny is unwilling to play escort at all her social affairs. After he is arrested for speeding, and on probation, she insists on it. In spite, he makes advances toward Hortense, the daughter of an oil tycoon, who tells him Daisy is a phony.


Bette Davis
Carol Hughes
Catherine Doucet
Craig Reynolds
Dick Foran
E.E. Clive
Earle Foxe
Eddie Acuff
Eugene Pallette
G.P. Huntley
George Brent
Henry O'Neill
Hobart Cavanaugh
Ivan Lebedeff
Rafael Storm
Sarah Edwards



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