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Backdoor to Heaven

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85 Minutes


The life of a young slum kid, who starts out stealing small things in order to fit in with the "crowd", winds up in reform school, and eventually spends much of his life in prison. Upon his release, he finds that life on the outside can be just as hard as life on the inside.


Alfred Webster
Aline Macmahon
Anita Magee
Bert Frohman
Bruce Evans
Charles Jordan
David Johnson
Don Haggerty
Douglas Mcmullen
Edward Earle
Florence Auer
George J. Lewis
George M. Carleton
Georgette Harvey
Helen Christian
Hugh Cameron
Iris Adrian
Jack Cheatham
Jack Irwin
James Millican
James Seay
Jane Seymour
Jimmy Lydon
Joe Garry
Johnnie Walker
Kenneth Leroy
Kent Smith
Patricia Ellis
Raymond Roe
Robert Vivian
Robert Wildhack
Robert Williams
Stuart Erwin
Van Heflin
Wallace Ford
William Harrigan
William K. Howard
William Redfield



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