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Middle Man

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104 Minutes


Lenny Freeman's dream of being a famous comedian is about to become a nightmare. Not only he is stuck in a dead end accounting job, Lenny has a bigger problem -- Lenny is not funny. When his mother suddenly dies, he quits his job and heads to Vegas in search of fame. But along the way, a mysterious hitchhiker lures him into a desert-town killing spree with dark and twisted results – as the bodies pile up, Lenny becomes funnier and funnier.


Andrew J. West
Anne Dudek
Barbo K. Adler
Brandon Van Vliet
Chad Donella
Chairman Barnes
Chris Gann
Craig Shoemaker
Dan Considine
Danny Belrose
Jake Novak
James Underdown
Jason Stachowsky
Jim O'Heir
Jocelyn Ayanna
Josh Mcdermitt
Kate Crowley
Kelly Mantle
Linna Carter
Maria Olsen
Meredith Thomas
Patrick Cannon
Robert Catrini
Salvatore Giovia
Stephanie Stachowsky
Steven Shaw
T'Shaun Barrett
Tim Sheridan
Tracey Walter



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