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Two Girls on Broadway

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73 Minutes


Eddie sells his song to a Broadway producer and also lands a job dancing in the musical. He sends for his dance partner-fiancée Molly who brings her younger sister Pat. Upon seeing Molly and Pat dance, the producer picks Pat for the show and gives Molly a job selling cigarettes. A wealthy friend of the Producer named Chad, also has is eye on Pat. Pat is teamed with Eddie in the specialty number as Kerns and Mahoney. Pat and Eddie soon realize that they are in love and must tell Molly. Pat balks at hurting Molly and goes out with Chad who already has five ex-wives.


Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Billy Engle
Carole Wayne
Charles R. Moore
Charles Wagenheim
Cyril Ring
Daisy Bufford
David Lloyd
David Oliver
Dick Elliott
Don Wilson
Don Wilson
Eddie Borden
Eddie Phillips
Edward Peil Sr.
Fred Rapport
George Lollier
George Murphy
Hal K. Dawson
Harry Lash
Herb Vigran
Hillary Brooke
Howard Chase
J. Anthony Hughes
Jack Gardner
Joan Blondell
Joe Devlin
John Daheim
John Dawson
Kent Taylor
Lana Turner
Lee Murray
Lester Dorr
Lloyd Corrigan
Maxine Conrad
Ora May Carlson
Otto Hahn
Richard Lane
Tom Mcguire
Vangie Beilby
Wallace Ford



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