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The Seventh Curse

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78 Minutes


A young heroic cop in the jungle of Thailand attempts to rescue a beautiful girl from being sacrificed to the "Worm Tribe" she belongs to. As a result, the cop is damned with seven "Blood Curses" which burst through his leg periodically. When the seventh bursts, he will die, but Betsy, the beauty he saved stops the curse with an antidote that lasts only one year, so on the advice of Wisely (Chow yun Fat) he heads back to Thailand to find a permanent cure. Action ensues as the cop and cohorts battle the evil sorcerer of the Worm Tribe, a hideous bloodthirsty baby like creature and "Old Ancestor," a skeleton with glowing blue eyes that transforms into a monster that is a cross between Rodan and Alien.


Bing-Chuen Cheung
Chin Siu-Ho
Chor Yuen
Chow Yun-Fat
Chui Sau-Lai
Chui Suk-Woon
Dick Wei
Fairlie Ruth Kordick
Ken Boyle
Maggie Cheung
Ni Kuang
Shirley Ng
Sibelle Hu
Wong Jing
Yasuaki Kurata
Yuen Chor



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