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96 Minutes


Upon his return from serving eight years in prison, reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram (Daniel Beaty) struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Lance lives under the tough supervision of a Parole Officer in a Half Way House. Unable to find a job with the computer tech training he received in Prison, Lance is forced to take a deliveryman job in a food pantry. It is then that he meets and is befriended by Ms. Maddy (Loretta Divine), a 60-year-old strong and spirited grandmother. Lance assumes responsibility for Ty's (Khadim Diop) well-being, Ms. Maddy's 15-year-old grandson – a promising student and artist who has become involved in a dangerous Harlem Street Gang. Lance tries to make peace with G-Rod (Justin Martin), the charismatic Gang Leader and makes a deal to let Ty walk away. But when Gang Members decide to punish Ty for disobeying the "law of the streets", Lance decides to sacrifice his "second chance" at freedom so that Ty can have a "first chance" at a better life.


Daniel Beaty
Gary Perez
Justin Martin
Khadim Diop
Loretta Devine
Marc John Jefferies
Omari Hardwick
Selenis Leyva



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