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Ride 'em, Cowgirl

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53 Minutes


Sandy Doyle, gambler and political chief of a small border town, seeks to gain control of the Bar-X Ranch, owned by Rufe Rickson, to further some undercover activities of his own. He counts on Rickson's inability to stay away from gambling as the means to his ultimate success. Government investigator Oliver Shea and his assistant, Dan Haggerty, start a fight in Doyle's place when they see Rickson being cheated and are invited to the Bar-X where Oliver and Helen Rickson, Rufe's daughter, discover interest in each other and Dan finds himself pursued by Bell, the ranch cook. Sheriff Larson brings the prize money for the $5,000 race of the Rodeo Association, and that night it is stolen.


Adabelle Driver
Arthur Kay
Blackjack Ward
Cap Fields
Charlie Groves
Clyde Mcclary
Dan Fitzpatrick
Dorothy Page
Elizabeth Kay
Frank Ellis
Fred Behrle
Fred Cordova
Harrington Reynolds
Harry Ely
Helen Hathaway
Jack O'Shea
Joe Farey
Joseph W. Girard
Lester Dorr
Lionel Backus
Lois Halsey
Lynn Mayberry
Merrill Mccormick
Milton Frome
Otto Lang
Otto Lang
Pat Henning
Pete Gordon
Rex Dale
Robert Richards
Vince Barnett
Walter Patterson



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