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100 Streets

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93 Minutes


Three extraordinary stories all lived out within a hundred London streets. Leon Butler's script charts interconnecting London stories, including those of a former rugby star (Elba) and his wife (Arterton), a small time drug dealer (Attack the Block star Franz Drameh) and a rich playboy (Omar star Adam Bakri).


Adam Iraki
Adam Iraki
Andrew Alexander
Ashley Thomas
Carolina Tong
Charlie Creed-Miles
Dominic Geraghty
Duayne Boachie
Emma Rigby
Franz Drameh
Gemma Arterton
Idris Elba
Jamie Foreman
Jo Martin
John Inverdale
Kay Burley
Ken Stott
Kierston Wareing
Lorraine Stanley
Mark Aitken
Mark Frost
Paul Hickey
Rupert Procter
Ryan Gage
Samantha Barks
Steven Mackintosh
Tom Cullen



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