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The Night is Young

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89 Minutes


Los Angeles is a city full of clichés, and Matt and Dave are living proof. Matt, an unhappy actor, and Dave, an unsuccessful writer, just fit the stereotypes. Syd and Amy are also struggling with clichés of their own, a waitress/actress and a joyless workaholic. In one unexpected night, these two pairs discover new friends, old bars, and a city full of characters. Los Angeles might not be as bad as they'd always assumed -- it also helps that they've been drinking…a lot.


Ali Kendall
Allison Janney
Andy St. Clair
Brett Gelman
Brian Jack
Briga Heelan
Carlson Young
Cyrina Fiallo
Dave Hill
Eloise Mumford
Ginger Gonzaga
Jaime Moyer
Jay Hernandez
Joe Hartzler
Johnny Pemberton
Keiko Agena
Kelen Coleman
Kelly Daly
Louise Griffiths
Luis Moncada
Matt Jones
Nate Corddry
Paul Brittain
Pete Capella
Sam Richardson
Samm Levine
Shoshana Bush
Thomas Fowler
Trevante Rhodes
Zack Pearlman



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