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The Ultimate Legacy

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90 Minutes


An entitled young man with wanderlust must prove himself worthy of a new stipulation in his grandmother's will after her passing. The question before the law firm responsible for its execution is which will come first: the demise of the estate, or the realization of the heir that dealing with the past is the only path to true freedom?


Ali Hillis
Angie Willmott
Beau Davidson
Bill Cobbs
Brian Dennehy
Charles Poole
Christina Lambert
Cory Scott Allen
Doug Jones
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
Inder Kumar
James Michael Cooper
James Siderits
James Tackett
Jim Stovall
John Hawk
Katie Mcclellan
Kayla Perkins
Kenneth Meyer
Kenny Santiago Marrero
Kim Baptiste
Kk Heim
Kurt Yaeger
Lare Roberts
Lea Hutton Beasmore
Lee Meriwether
Logan Bartholomew
Megan Blake
Megan Chelf Fisher
Mike Seely
Myko Olivier
Raquel Welch
Ryan Mcintyre
Sean Ramey
Shelby Taylor Mullins
Tifani Ahren Davis
Torry Martin
Vergena Fields



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