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A Fine Madness

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107 Minutes


Sean Connery attempted to make a clean break from his "James Bond" image in the boisterous comedy A Fine Madness. Connery plays Samson Shillitoe, a Brendan Behan-like poet with a mile-wide misogynistic streak. Try as he might to complete his latest masterpiece, Shillitoe is constantly interrupted by the women in his life. Driven to a nervous breakdown, he seeks help from the medical establishment -- and ends up a babbling shell of his former self. The film takes scattered potshots at a repressive society that forces the truly creative among us into near-madness; at times, it is sidesplittingly funny, though never quite as potent as the Elliot Baker novel upon which it is based. Sean Connery is brilliant, but the public wanted James Bond to behave himself, thus the film didn't do as well at the box office as it should have.


Bibi Osterwald
Clive Revill
Colleen Dewhurst
Jackie Coogan
Jean Seberg
Joanne Woodward
John Fiedler
Kay Medford
Mabel Albertson
Patrick O'Neal
Patrick O'Neill
Sean Connery
Sorrell Booke
Sue Ane Langdon
Werner Peters
Zohra Lampert



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