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Flaming Lead

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57 Minutes


Cowhand Ken Clark is stranded in Chicago, and temporarily takes a job as a sharp-shooter entertainer in a night club, with the intention of getting enough money together to get back to his beloved Arizona. Frank Gordon, while drunk, is about to be rolled by the club bouncer, but Ken interferes and earns Clark's gratitude. Gordon gets a telegram from Kay Burke, the daughter of his partner in Arizona, notifying him that her father, Jim Burke, has been killed by rustlers.The ranch has a U.S. Army contract to furnish horses, but she sees little hope of being able to make good because the stock is being rustled, and she asks Gordon for his help.


Bob Terry
Carleton Young
Dave O'Brien
Eleanor Stewart
Joyce Rogers
Ken Maynard
Kenne Duncan
Ralph Peters
Reed Howes
Tom London
Walter Long



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