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All We Had

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105 Minutes


Life for teenage Ruthie (Stefania Owen) and her mother, Rita (Katie Holmes), has never been stable. Fleeing Rita's abusive boyfriend, they find themselves homeless and heading east in search of a better life. When their car breaks down, Ruthie & Rita get stuck in a small town and land steady jobs at a local diner where the owner (Richard Kind) and a transgender waitress (Eve Lindley) begin to feel like family. Rita meets a smooth-talking real estate broker named Vic (Mark Consuelos), and begins to clean up her act as she connects with the open-hearted Lee (Luke Wilson). As the dark side of the American dream catches up with the small town, the diner struggles to stay open, and Rita and Ruthie are faced once again with the prospect of homelessness. Reverting back into survival mode, mother and daughter find strength in each other despite the circumstances working to tear them apart.


Eve Lindley
Judy Greer
Katie Holmes
Luke Wilson
Mark Consuelos
Odiseas Georgiadis
Richard Kind
Richard Petrocelli
Stefania Lavie Owen



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