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70 Minutes


Rodeo stunt rider Richard Barthelmess (as Joe "Chief" Thunder-Horse) thrills crowds at the Chicago "World's Fair" celebrating a century of progress in Native American Indian affairs. An assimilated Sioux, Mr. Barthelmess receives word that back on the Reservation his father is dying. Barthelmess takes time out to fulfill a sexual fantasy with shapely blonde Claire Dodd (as Norma), then drives to the Reservation with his happy-go-lucky manservant. On the way, he is attracted to red-skinned Ann Dvorak (as Lydia). Barthelmess discovers his forgotten brethren are being mistreated, and need help...


Agnes Narcha
Ann Dvorak
Arthur Hohl
Charles Middleton
Claire Dodd
Clarence Muse
Dewitt Jennings
Dudley Digges
Frank Mcglynn Sr.
Henry O'Neill
James Eagles
Juliet Ware
Richard Barthelmess
Robert Barrat
Tully Marshall
Wallis Clark
William V. Mong



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