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Love Is All You Need?

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122 Minutes


A straight love story in a gay world. Love Is All You Need? Romeo and Juliet set in a world where the norm is to be homosexual and heterosexuality is taboo. In a small Middle American town the star quarterback of the local university is outed for being a heterosexual. Her forbidden love affair with a male journalist rocks the town to its very core, setting off a series of catastrophic events that will forever change the community. The fallout of the football star's outing puts a spotlight on how intolerance of differences affect youth, college students, parents and the town as a whole. As the unique characters' lives collide, we also get a look at the dramatic effects of other instances of bullying, each pulled from true events and real world experiences. Love is All You Need? is based on the 19 minute short film of the same name, which was so powerful that it organically garnered over 50 million views and was self-translated by fans into more than a dozen languages, deeply touching and affecting people around the world.


Ana Ortiz
Ava Allan
Briana Evigan
Cleo Berry
Elisabeth Röhm
Emily Osment
Jacob Rodier
Jenica Bergere
Jeremy Sisto
Katherine Lanasa
Kyla Kenedy
Leonard Roberts
Sonny Surowiec
Tate Birchmore
Tim Chiou
Tyler Blackburn
Zoé Hendrix



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