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Ali and Nino

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Set against the sweeping tide of history, this is the breathtaking tale of a romance that crosses political, geographic, and religious divides. Azerbaijan, 1918: though he is Muslim and she is Christian, Ali (Adam Bakri) and Nino (Maria Valverde) defy their parents and marry. At first it appears that their all-consuming love will be enough to overcome the differences in their backgrounds. But their bond is soon put the test, first as she confronts what it means to be a westernized woman living in a traditionalist society, and then again when everything they know is turned upside down by the arrival of World War I. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia (Amy) from a script by Atonement screenwriter Christopher Hampton, Ali and Nino transports viewers to a land of awe-inspiring beauty and a time of great upheaval. With Mandy Patinkin.


Adam Bakri
Assaad Bouab
Connie Nielsen
Daniz Tacaddin
Ekin Koç
Eran Anjel
Fakhraddin Manafov
Halit Ergenç
Homayoun Ershadi
Jovdat Shukurov
Khumar Salimova
Kushvar Sharifova
Mandy Patinkin
María Valverde
Mekhriban Zeki
Nigar Gulahmadova
Numan Acar
Parviz Gurbanov
Parviz Mammadrzayev
Ümit Demirbas



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