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Susannah of the Mounties

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78 Minutes


The sole survivor of an Indian attack, orphan girl Susannah Sheldon (Shirley Temple) becomes the mascot of the Canadian Mountie outpost headed by Superintendent Standing (Moroni Olsen). Mountie Angus "Monty" Montague (Randolph Scott) and his sweetheart (and Standing's daughter), Vicky (Margaret Lockwood), appoint themselves as Susannah's unofficial parents, doing their best to help the girl overcome her terrible ordeal. Eventually, it is "little miss fix-it"Susannah who brings peace between the Mounties and the Blackfeet, but not before Monty is nearly burned at the stake by the renegade Indian responsible for fomenting all the trouble.


Albert Mad Plume
Billy Wilkerson
Billy Wilkerson
Charles Iron Breast
Charles Irwin
Chief Thunderbird
Chief Victor Coward
Dan Bull Plume
Eddie Big Beaver
Herbert Evans
Herbert Heywood
J. Farrell Macdonald
Jack Luden
John Little Blaze
John Sutton
Juniper Old Person
Larry Dods
Lester Matthews
Leyland Hodgson
Margaret Lockwood
Martin Good Rider
Maurice Moscovitch
Moroni Olsen
Night Shoots
Randolph Scott
Russ Clark
Shirley Temple
Tom Spotted Eagle
Victor Jory
Yellow Kidney



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