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78 Minutes


In the near future, the Catholic church has joined with other western religions in an ecumenical movement that has washed out much of the original message of the religion. A group of Irish monks have begun saying the mass again in Latin and have begun to have an international following. Martin Sheen is sent from Rome to bring them to task and they must confront what is truly essential in their worship and what is not.


Andrew Keir
Cecil Sheridan
Conor Evans
Cyril Cusack
Derry Power
Frank Howard
Geoffrey Golden
Gilbert Mcintyre
Godfrey Quigley
Joe Pilkington
John Franklyn
John Kelly
John Pine
Leon Vitali
Liam Burk
Martin Sheen
Michael Gambon
Patrick Long
Raf Vallone
Richard Oliver
Seamus Healy
Tom Jordan
Trevor Howard



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