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Phantom Boy

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84 Minutes


New York is in trouble and only one boy can save it in this heart-thumping animated adventure from the Academy Award®-nominated directors of A Cat in Paris. When Leo discovers he has the power to leave his body and float about New York as a ghost, the 11-year-old superhero befriends Alex, a cop who was injured while trying to capture The Face, a mysterious new villain. When the gangster threatens to unleash a virus that will plunge the city into chaos, Leo and Alex have 24 hours to spot the evil plot before New York is brought to its knees!


Audrey Tautou
Bill Lobley
Dana Snyder
Édouard Baer
Fred Armisen
Gaspard Gagnol
Jackie Berroyer
Jared Padalecki
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Joey Camen
Melissa Disney
Noa Bernaoui Savreux
Patrick Descamps
Patrick Ridremont
Phil Mcglaston
Philippe Peythieu
Rachel Salvatierra
Vincent D'Onofrio
Yves Barbaut



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