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The Witching

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80 Minutes


It's Halloween, and the anniversary of the Woodland Valley witch's murder, which makes it the perfect night for a group of friends to meet on the spot where she died, deep in the woods, to record a new episode for their podcast. One by one around the campfire they tell stories of horror and the supernatural, of ghosts and demons, unaware of the dark forces at work in their very midst.


Alan Watkins
Auggi Alvarez
Carol Barta
Cathy Metz
Charles Monroe
Cheryl Metz
Dana Pace
Dianne O'Connell
Frank Dunlay
Ian Carlsen
Jennifer Friend
Jessica Bedell
Joanna Clarke
Mike Hellman
Paul Van Dan Elzen
Todd Sheets
Tony Abotte
Veronica Orr
Vince Koehler



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