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Nessie & Me

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90 Minutes


When 9-year-old Jamie (introducing Walker Mintz) moves to a beautiful lakeside village with his mother and father (Toni Hudson, Places in the Heart, and Michael Pare, Eddie & the Cruisers), he learns their idealistic down isn't as peaceful as it seems. A greedy mogul (Gerard Pauwels, Gila) is bullying the townspeople to sell their land. But when Jamie befriends and old Sea Captain (John Henry Richardson, Sniper: Special Ops), estranged from his son (Corey Landis, Meet My Valentine), who tells him about the lake's mythical and sweet-natured sea creature named Nessie. Jamie wonders if Nessie is the perfect solution to save the town…if only he can prove she's real.


Cindy Lucas
Corey Landis
Jay Richardson
Jim O'Rear
John Henry Richardson
Jolie Ledford
Kayla Gill
Michael Paré
Paul Wallace
Shay Dickerhoff
Stacey Dixon
Toni Hudson
Walker Mintz



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