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Benjamin Troubles

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95 Minutes


What if the old expression "Money doesn't grow on trees" was false & cash did materialize out of thin air? A down on his luck artist, Ben Solano, has his day go from bad to worse. Kicked out of his home, fired from his job, art backpack stolen, mugged, and finally beaten up, only to be comforted by a homeless man–this street-bum gives Ben a pair of magic jeans which produce a $100 dollar bill every hour, on the hour, as long as Ben does not take them off. Our LA story unfolds with Ben slowly discovering that his jeans magically make money and yet detour him down the road to face his past. From the local drug dealers to a mysterious beautiful woman associated with the Cartel. Nefarious elements continue to interrupt Ben's journey to help his Dad's medical condition. With the pacing of a traditional thriller, Benjamin Troubles is a double-crossing ride for a down-on-his-luck 20-something who's only desire is to find a way out of his magic cash-machine & discover that giving up what you want is exactly what you need.


Asif Ali
Braxton Davis
Cameron Goodman
Hira Ambrosino
Jai Koutrae
Korrina Rico
Kym Jackson
Luis Deveze
Manu Intiraymi
Marshall Manesh
Mishel Prada
Phillip Andre Botello
Sean Michael Boozer
Will Beinbrink



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