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75 Minutes


Managing Editor Brad Bradshaw refuses to run a story linking the disappearance of Frank Canfield with embezzlement of the bank. He considers Frank a straight shooter and he goes easy on the story. Every other paper goes with the story that Frank took the money and Brad is demoted, by the publisher, to the Heartthrob column - writing advice to the lovelorn. After feeling sorry for himself for two months, he takes the column seriously and makes it the talk of the town. But Brad still wants his old job back so he will have to find Canfield and the missing money.


Allen Vincent
Antonio Filauri
Bert Moorhouse
Berton Churchill
Bob Montgomery
Donald Meek
Dorothy Libaire
Douglass Dumbrille
Edward Ellis
Frank Marlowe
Frank Reicher
George Chandler
George Humbert
George Meeker
Glenda Farrell
Gus Reed
Harold Huber
Harold Miller
Harry Seymour
Hobart Cavanaugh
Howard C. Hickman
Jack Wise
James Donlan
John Qualen
Kathryn Sergava
Marjorie Gateson
Milton Kibbee
Ned Sparks
Nina Campana
Pat Wing
Paul Kaye
Paul Muni
Ralph Mccullough
Renee Whitney
Robert Barrat
Sidney Miller
Sidney Skolsky



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