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13th Sign

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100 Minutes


13th Sign will terrify audiences with its brutal reminder that things are not always as they appear when twelve reality contestants are drugged, chained & held against their will, faced with their worst fears when they realize they are being used in the Devil's Ritual held by his Fallen Angels, Jeff Hatrix & Waylon Reavis, who plan to use victims bodies to create an Alter & open the Gates of Hell.


Alicia Clark
Andy Rathburg
Angela Drake
Ann Briggs
Ann Filippis
Anthony Bommarito
Ari Rufino
Ashley Gray
Bill Lowery
Brad Burkhardt
Brittany Chanel
Chris Dellas
Christy Edwards
Coco Lurz
Daren Mcnay
David H. Shapiro
Eric Adam Swenson
Gary Brunner
Gaylee Rubin
J.J. Green
James Feaheny
Jeff Harig
Jeff Hatrix
Jeff Hill
Jerry Jankiewicz
Jessica Rogers
Johnny Flynn
Jon W. Martin
Joseph Victor
Kara Sophia Frizzell
Katie Oliver
Leah Barkoff
Mahlon Nicholas
Mary Magyari
Matt Sysol
Melissa O'Brien
Michael Bugard
Michael J. Vanderpool
Niki Haze
Patricia Lynne Cissell
Raffi Elias
Ray Macdonald
Rob Dahm
Scott 'The Wall' Marlatt
Sergey Gusev
Steve Brewer
Tony Tale
Victor Karvelis
Virginia Bryant
Waylon Reavis
Wendy Paquette



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