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The 9th Life of Louis Drax

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108 Minutes


An intriguing mystery thriller starring Jamie Dornan, Sarah Gadon and Aaron Paul. When nine-year-old Louis Drax inexplicably reawakens from the dead after his latest life-threatening accident, he becomes the patient of celebrated neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal (Dornan), who specialises in chid psychology. Determined to uncover the truth of Louis' bizarre existence, Pascal is drawn into both the child's life and that of his fragile mother Natalie (Gadon), whose affections begin to cloud his judgements as sparks fly between them. While Louis recuperates in a comatose state, Pascal sets about putting the mysterious pieces of the Drax family together, the truths of which begin to test the boundaries of fantasy and reality.


Aaron Paul
Adam Abrams
Aiden Longworth
Alex Zahara
Anjali Jay
Anthony Shudra
Barbara Hershey
Beckham Skodje
Dakota Guppy
David Lloydy
Fiona Vroom
Goldie Hoffman
Iris Paluly
Jamie Dornan
Jane Mcgregor
John Hainsworth
Julian Wadham
Justin Bowe
Lina Roessler
Luke Camilleri
Michael Adamthwaite
Molly Parker
Nels Lennarson
Oliver Platt
Randi Lynne
Sarah Gadon
Sarah-Jane Redmond
Spencer Drever
Terry Chen



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