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Down to Earth

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87 Minutes


Acclaimed as "the funniest man in America," Chris Rock delivers a first-rate performance in this romantic comedy about a man who gets a second chance at life and love. Struggling black comic Lance Barton (Rock) knows what it's like to die on stage. But when his life takes an unexpected turn - straight to heaven - Lance is sure there's been a mistake. Miraculously, he's right! An angel tells Lance he was taken prematurely but assures him he can be returned to Earth - in the aged body of a ruthless white billionaire. In this improbable reincarnation, Lance begins a hilarious quest to realize his showbiz dream...and, along the way, discovers the person he never imagined he could be. Co-starring Regina King and based on the hit film Heaven Can Wait, Down To Earth is a "bold and brilliant comedy."** *Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV **Kimberly C. Roberts, The Philadelphia Tribune


Brian Rhodes
Bryetta Calloway
Chazz Palminteri
Chris Rock
Eugene Levy
Frankie Faison
Greg Germann
Herb Lovelle
Jennifer Coolidge
John Cho
Mario Joyner
Mark Addy
Martha Chaves
Regina King
Wanda Sykes



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