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End of Days

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121 Minutes


All hell breaks loose when Arnold Schwarzenegger battles the ultimate evil in this chilling supernatural action thriller. When a burned-out former New York City cop named Jericho (Schwarzenegger) is assigned to security detail for a mysterious and foreboding stranger (Gabriel Byrne), Jericho thwarts an incredible assassination attempt. During the ensuing investigation, he and his partner (Kevin Pollak) save the life of the beautiful and terrified Christine York (Robin Tunney), whose destiny involves death, the devil and the fate of mankind. Now it's up to Jericho to save the girl, the world and his own soul as he comes face to face with his most powerful enemy ever!


Arnold Schwarzenegger
C. C. H. Pounder
David Franco
David Weisenberg
Denice D. Lewis
Derrick O'Connor
Eve Sigall
Gabriel Byrne
Jack Shearer
John Timothy Botka
Jonny Bogris
Kevin Pollak
Linda Pine
Lloyd Garroway
Luciano Miele
Mark Margolis
Melissa Mascara
Michael O'Hagan
Michael Rocha
Miriam Margolyes
Rainer Judd
Robert Lesser
Robin Tunney
Rod Steiger
Udo Kier
Victor Varnado
Walter Von Huene



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