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89 Minutes


Shy, sensitive high school outsider Jakob Moormann is miserably lacking immaterial support at home, where his strict father, uniformed cop Claas, and selfish mother are too busy breaking up to be there for him. Jakob focuses on class dream-girl Hannah, without much luck. His secret recording of himself masturbating gets into class bullies Henry and Erik's hands through the mother's thoughtlessness. The rascals blackmail Jakob and post the video on the Internet. After a raging lecture phase, dad stands up for Jakob, but his life is already wrecked more than anyone realizes.


Anett Heilfort Anett Heilfort
Hans Werner Meyer
Jannik Schümann
Jonas Nay
Nicole Marischka
Petra Kelling
Sabine Timoteo
Sophia Boehme
Tom Wolfe
Willi Gerk
Wotan Wilke Möhring



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