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92 Minutes


This twisted and obsessive love story follows Syd (Chris Evans), a strung-out, wealthy 20-something whose life is about to go from meaningless to futile. After a massive binging and drug spree, he awakes to the news that he is about to lose his "one true love" London (Jessica Biel) forever: Syd's ex-girlfriend is moving from New York to Los Angeles. Syd has one more chance to win her back, tonight, at her going-away party. Syd stocks up on cocaine and goes off to the party with Bateman (Jason Statham), a young English banker/part time drug dealer he's just met. Throughout the evening, however -- punctuated by regular drug breaks in the bathroom -- we discover that Syd's relationship problems involve more than friction with his girlfriend. Is there a light at the end of his tunnel?


Chris Evans
Dane Cook
Isla Fisher
Jason Statham
Jeff Wolfe
Jessica Biel
John Newton
Joy Bryant
Juliette Marquis
Kat Dennings
Kelli Garner
Lina Esco
Louis C.K.
Paula Patton
Sophie Monk



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