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The Zombie King

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85 Minutes


Samuel Peters (Edward Furlong), once an ordinary man, dabbles in the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave. He soon encounters the God of malevolence 'Kalfu' (Corey Feldman), and makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth. In return, he will become 'The Zombie King' and walk the earth for eternity with his late wife. But, as the ever growing horde of zombies begins to completely wipe out a countryside town, the Government set-up a perimeter around the town and employ a shoot-on-sight policy. Trapped within the town, the locals, an unlikely bunch of misfits, must fight for their lives and unite in order to survive. Can our heroes unravel the clues in time and survive or will The Zombie King and his horde of zombies rise on the night of the dark moon?


Anabel Barnston
Corey Feldman
David Mcclelland
Edward Furlong
Forbes Kb
George Mccluskey
Jane Foufas
Jennifer Chippindale
Jon Campling
Leo Horsfield
Michael Gamarano
Rebecca-Clare Evans
Seb Castang
Sebastian Street
Timothy Owen



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