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Hollywood Banker

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82 Minutes


In the 80s, Dutchman Frans Afman became the most important banker in Hollywood and one of the most powerful men in the business. Through Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis he was introduced to the world of filmmaking and together they created a system of financing that revolutionised the independent film industry in Hollywood, called pre sales. Over more than a decade, Frans was instrumental in financing films like Platoon, Terminator and Dances with Wolves, as well as the leading independent production companies such as Cannon, Hemdale and Carolco. As the success grew, ambition of others turned into greed. People of dubious character and credentials started to involve themselves in the independent film industry. People like Giancarlo Parretti, an Italian waiter turned investor with more brawn than brains. Immediately, Frans suspected that Parretti wasn't trustworthy, but his boss at Credit Lyonnais bank decided differently. Parretti became a major player and took over MGM with money...


Andrew G. Vajna
Arnold Kopelson
Dino De Laurentiis
Frans J. Afman
Kevin Costner
Michael Douglas
Mickey Rourke
Oliver Stone
Paul Verhoeven
Pierre Spengler
Roman Polanski
Yoram Globus



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