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Rise of the Footsoldier Part II

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111 Minutes


It's early 1997 and we pick up with our hero - a shadow of his former self - following the murder of his three close friends. Still mourning, and amidst ongoing fears of further retribution, Carlton must fight to regain his place in the criminal underworld. Paranoid and hostile, and taking work for granted, circumstances soon conspire to place him at the heart of what might just be his final job. Can Carlton hold his nerve one last time in an attempt to save his own life?


Big Narstie
Charlie Heaton
Coralie Rose
Craig Fairbrass
Daniel Adegboyega
Greg Burridge
Jonathan Harden
Joshua Osei
Luke Mably
Mark Preston
Peter Benedict
Ricci Harnett
Roland Manookian
Ryan Oliva
Slaine Kelly
Steven Berkoff
Tygo Gernandt



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